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Noble Neighbor: A Hero Club Novel by Nicole Ann Nielsen

A Book Nerd Review by Ana

Noble Neighbor 

Contemporary Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

You can´t run from your past, you must face it and fight for happiness.

Have a look at the blurb:

Escaping the publicity following the murder of his wife, Oliver and his son relocate to a small town and start afresh.

He never expected to fall for another woman.

After years of moving from place to place, Sunny and her daughters finally settle on a little slice of Nebraskan soil.

Falling for her neighbor was not part of her plan.

But Oliver is hard to resist. And he’s determined to break down Sunny’s walls.

When Sunny’s past collides with her present, will she do what she’s done before — take her girls and run?

Or will she stay and fight for love?


And here I go again. About to devour another book from the Cocky Hero Club World.
I’ve read a few books from this club and it was spectacular.
Nicole Ann Nielsen is a new author to me and let’s just say that I’ll be stalking her from now on.
Her writing is heartfelt and intense, just the way I like it.
Noble Neighbor is her latest release and explores the lives of Oliver and Sunny.
Oliver had suffered the unthinkable. His wife was murdered and he was left all alone to raise his son.
It’s not an easy task so he sees himself moving to a new town to start over.
He had closed his heart and only have a spit for his sun, but…
Sunny is tired of being always on the move, so she sees herself in a new town. A cozy town where she sees herself raising her daughters.
What she wasn’t counting on was her neighbor…
My head is still spinning…
OMG, what a book this was…
Intense plot, well written, super engaging, and suspenseful.
Each chapter was even more addictive than the latest and I couldn’t stop reading it.
The cloud of suspense that surrounded this book was so thick that it made my heart beat faster.
What a book.
Here I was, reading, thinking one thing and then bamm, it changed.
I was not expecting this to happen. Not in a million years.
I was so hooked on reading this book that I read it in one sitting. It was well after 2 am when it ended and I was so worked up about it that I couldn’t sleep.
This was my first book from this author, but it won’t be the last.
I want more.
Great book Nicole Ann Nielsen. Perfect in every way.
But I must ask, will Beau have his own book? Please say yes… He deserves one.  

A Few Teasers:



With a disgruntled curse, Oliver shoved back from his desk and prowled his office. What the
ever-loving hell was happening here? He’d dressed for his run, but instead of hitting the road, he’d
taken position in front of his computer and started writing. The words flowed, yes, and he’d quickly
reached his daily target, but …
Two-thirds into his fifth book and suddenly Dirk — a lone PI, for pity’s sake — deviated from
the plot and took on a new partner. A female partner. One with pretty blue eyes and shiny brown
curls, and a rounded ass he — Dirk — was dying to get his hand on.
Oliver flung open the French doors and stepped onto his veranda. “It’s all your fault,” he
muttered, concentrating his gaze on the rambling house a mere half mile across the way.
Since she’d moved in twelve days ago, Sunny Jones hadn’t been far from his thoughts. And
yesterday morning …


“I’m going to tell Oliver everything. Today.”
Sunny ended the call, chucked the phone onto the bed, and stormed from the room before
she talked herself out of her decision. A couple of minutes later, she let herself into Oliver’s home.
“Hello?” Listening, the only sound within the house was the tick-tock from the grandfather
clock in the hallway. She shrugged out of her jacket and hung it on the rack before making her way
to his office.
It was empty, but the aroma of a steaming mug of coffee on his desk called to her. Sunny
meandered over and took a sip. One sip led to a second, and she settled into his chair, closing her
chilled hands around the ceramic, figuring he wouldn’t mind if she waited.
He might object to her finishing his coffee, and the thought brought a smile to her lips. She
could always offer to pay penance.
But her smile dimmed as she remembered her reason for the visit. Oliver deserved the truth
before he — either of them — took that final step.
Hopefully, he would be as understanding as she reckoned. Then again, his wife was a murder
victim. And taking on the Jones girls and their baggage was a huge commitment. And maybe he
wasn’t the man she thought him to be.
Urgh. Stop second-guessing yourself.
She placed the mug down, accidently knocking the mouse. The monitor lit up, drawing her
Shock bulleted through her.
The words filled her vision, ricocheting in her mind.
She shook her head and read them again.


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About the Author:

Nicole Ann Nielsen believes in romance, in love, and everyone deserves a happy ever after.

And that is what she writes — Contemporary Romance.

Nicole lives in scenic Cape Town, South Africa, and shares her space with her husband, two dogs, and a lone cat, her son and daughter having long flown the parental coop.

She is an avid reader, enjoys Pilates, inhales coffee, and loves dreaming about her next novel.

Author Link:

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