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Keeping My Bride: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance by Angela Snder

A Book Nerd Review by Ana

Keeping My Bride

Dark Mafia Romance

I give this book 5 stars!

Even monsters have heart…

Have a look at the blurb:

I was forced to marry a monster.

Luca Vitale is the heir to his father’s empire.

He has the reputation of being a dangerous monster who can bring even grown men to their knees.

And he’s about to become my husband.

Our families have been at war with one another ever since I can remember.

I am the daughter of his enemy, and he will try everything to control me, to bend me…to break me.

When I’m forced to make a deal with the devil himself, one question still remains — will our union be one of love or violence?

Keeping My Bride is a standalone dark mafia arranged marriage romance. It contains adult content for mature readers.


It’s been so freaking long since I had a book from this author.
She has given me some of my favorite dark and intense books of my life and to know that I have a new book waiting…
It was torture, wanna know why? Because I was reading another book the moment this new one entered my kindle.
Angela Snyder is the author that I’m talking about.
Her books will rock your world, page by page.
Trust me. I know what I’m saying.
Keeping Her Bride is her latest release and explores the lives of Verona and Luca.
Verona was forced into an arranged marriage.
A marriage she didn’t want but have to accept.
Her family thinks that by doing so, the feud between the families can be solved but…
This could be a good thing but the fact that her husband is a monster…
Luca is not a good guy… He’s not friendly… It’s the opposite. He’s ruthless and will do everything to achieve his goals.
When he’s obligated to get married to a girl from a rival family…
OMG… I missed this writing so much.
What a story this was.
Amazing plot, very well written, super dark, and engaging.
Each chapter was even more addictive than the latest and I couldn’t stop reading.
The need to know more was so high that I couldn’t stop.
I couldn’t, nor did I wanted to.
The characters worked perfectly with each other and they for on my nerves a few times.
There were parts of the book that I wanted to slap someone silly… Seriously… Stubborn much?
But then, there were others that I wanted to hold them and promise better days.
Amazing story, steamy and dark.
The dark part consumed me in a way that I can’t explain.
It was intense and frustrating sometimes.
Overall it was the perfect story.
Great book Angela. It’s great to have you back.  

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Angela Snyder

About the Author:

Angela Snyder is a New York Times bestselling author. Angela grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania with a passion for reading and writing stories since she was a child. She recently decided to pursue her lifelong dream and published her debut novel, Vampire Next Door, in 2013. Angela currently lives in an even smaller town in Pennsylvania with her husband and her very spoiled Golden Retriever.

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